Colorado has $9 billion in unfunded highway projects. We have to fix and expand our roads and bridges. People already pay taxes for transportation; it’s time to put that money to work and get busy on infrastructure improvements.

Sanctuary Cities

No Colorado city should willfully refuse to cooperate with federal immigration agents. We are not a sanctuary state, and we should not tolerate sanctuary cities. As Governor, I will respect those who follow the law by holding accountable those who don’t.


Too many schools are failing to educate our kids at a time when a good education has never been more important. I believe our public school system needs to offer more choices. We will work with parents and teachers to ensure each child is given the educational opportunity they deserve.

Economic Opportunity

While some of our state’s regions are thriving, others have no fully recovered from the last recession. As Governor, I will partner with businesses and colleges to expand workforce training and technical education. We will work hard to match qualified workers with well-paying jobs around Colorado.

Health Care

Health care has become too complicated, too expensive, and too limited by government mandates. The federal government has over-regulated individual healthcare, excluding free choice and personal options. I will push back against every federal rule that requires the state to expand coverage while constraining Colorado’s ability to control costs and maintain competition among providers and insurance carriers.


“Colorado needs a strong, principled Governor who understands the diverse nature of our rural communities and the increasing tensions of urban living. I will lead our growing state forward in a way that leaves no individual or region behind.”